Photograph of Yan-Yin Choy

Yan-Yin Choy

Artist, Writer, Poet & Engineer

Ohlone Land / East Bay


Finding Corazón

This is a children's book focused on grief and healing, focused on Azul, a boy who loves his space whale Corazón.

I wrote and illustrated this book for my godson Orion's third birthday.

If you appreciate this story, please donate to Orion's college fund by venmo-ing me (username: yanyin-choy)

To download the PDF version of the book, go here.

To listen to the live reading, check out the video.


Public Speaking

Yan Yin Choy lightning talk at Brigade Congress 2017

Lightning Talk: Renter's Rights Guide

Brigade Congress

Code for America

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
October 2017

Pitch: Renter's Rights Guide

Civic & Gov Tech Showcase

Innovate Your State

San Jose, California
September 2017


Yan-Yin K. Choy is a Chinese-American artist, writer, poet and engineer based in Ohlone Land, in the East Bay. Her artwork has been displayed at her alma mater, San José State University, and at My Sister’s Café. Yan-Yin started Heart of the Valley, a website that shows a map of murals and public art in the Bay Area. Her works focus on the themes of love, loss, trauma, healing, spirituality, power, and humanity’s relationship with nature and technology.

By day, Yan-Yin is a software engineer building web components for the Now Design System at ServiceNow. She's the former Executive Director of Code for San José, a community of makers, developers and community organizers dedicated to using technology to bridge the gap between the public and government. Yan-Yin previously led open source projects like Heart of the Valley and Renter's Rights Guide.

Yan-Yin's work is driven by her passion to build meaningful, accessibility technology that solves problems and empowers people to get things done.

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Most Original Project, Hack the Patriarchy, October 2017

Honorable Mention, CTRL ALT DELETE HATE Hackathon, April 2017

Lee Sturtevant 'Woman Warrior' Award, DAWN, Aug 2015


Languages: JavaScript, Ruby, GraphQL, HTML, CSS

Frameworks: Rails, Node.js, Express, React

Databases: MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL

Development Tools Docker, Travis CI, Coveralls, Heroku, Git

Design: Wireframing, Prototyping, Multimedia Design, Balsamiq, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, Material-UI, Canva

Leadership: Strategy, Agile Product Development, Product Development, Project Management, Public Speaking, Strong Communications, Fundraising, Grantwriting, Marketing

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